Golden Horus

golden Horus
golden Horus

Golden Horus

This game that still has relations with Egypt is back with a new and exciting game variant. Golden Horus is a game that comes from Novomatic, providing many interesting symbols and some Egyptian symbols that gamers can find in Golden Horus. Many stories about Egypt are full of mystery.

Egypt still has faith in gods. Their main god was the sun god or Horus. The god who lit up the sky and blessed the Egyptian people. Games that still contain ancient Egyptian stories will show value to gamers. The treasures that gamers can find in egypt.

Looking for treasure

Cursoconsertoemanutencaodecelular – The shape of the small reel screen will present symbols in the golden horus game. There are 3 reels with 5 payouts that gamers can get easily. Enter Egypt and go on exciting adventures with high-rated treasure hunts. It is said that in Egypt there is an object that can give unexpected power.

This power will be the target of many gamers and hunters. If anyone manages to get the treasure, gamers will win easily. Find the treasure chest of the Egyptian bird symbol. To know more, gamers can press game info.

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Game symbol

In the info, gamers will find some interesting symbols, namely: the Egyptian bird symbol, Horus, the king of the pharaohs, the queen of Egypt, beetles, eye logos, crosses, Anubis, symbols of birds, Egyptian warriors, and many more symbols that gamers can find. Not only symbols but gamers will also get symbol values ​​that have different amounts.

The type of win that uses a combination symbol so you can easily win quickly. To be able to get coins, gamers can present symbols from left to right and it can also be from the direction that has been determined in the game. Getting the Horus symbol then gamers will have eternal life.

Play games with auto mode

Which will always be eternal and does not age. 3 Horus gives value as much as 1000x that gamers get. In this case, Golden Horus has an exciting game theme. Mystical Egypt will show an unexpected power. The sun god will be a symbol that is ready to replace other symbols.

Feel the way the game is slow and not fast enough, you can automatically play the game. Games that use automatic will feel faster. A spin that makes the screen look for the same symbol and then gives the gamer coins. No need to press the button again when playing automatically. It’s just that the game will automatically end when the number of game credits runs out.

Games with websites

To anticipate gamers can add value to the game bet by pressing the bet button. Inside the button, we can determine the value we want to bet on both small and large values. The higher the bet value, the higher the expectation of winning. Playing the Golden Horus game will show that Egypt still believes in the god Horus.

Every time you get the same Horus symbol, gamers will see the Horus bird flapping its wings and glowing eyes showing the power to score the game. Golden Horus game that can’t be downloaded. The types of games that can only be played through this website do not provide free games. Play with real money so gamers must be careful in placing game bets.