Eternal element
Eternal element


ETERNAL ELEMENT a game that was brought from novomatic. A game that tells the story of a powerful element with the power of a god. This game, which has a theme about 4 gods, also has a calm soundtrack. When you enter the eternal element game you will find 4 gods with different elements.

4 gods [there are gods and goddesses] exciting victories that you can get will make you impatiently waiting for it. The thermal element game has become the most popular game among gamers. This Eternal element still has something to do with children’s fairy tales where 4 elements maintain peace.

4 elements that give victory

Cursoconsertoemanutencaodecelular – The eternal element game model is in the form of 5 reels with 25 steps that can be used to win the game. In the eternal element game you will find several spirits and power users from the 4 elements. A power that has 4 elements, namely fire, earth, water, and air. Get 4 powers from elements to have free spins and bonus jackpot games.

In eternal element 4 the power is wild. To be able to become wild each of the 4 elements must unite with 4 magical power logos. By merging with the power of the magical logo, 4 elements will become wild. Each wild has a bonus game.

4 powers 1 win//element

The number of bonus games varies, such as:

– For fire will give 40 game rounds

– Earth get 30 games

– Water has 20 bonus spins

– Air will get 10 free games

There are 90 bonus games in total. Also get 3 interesting jackpots that are owned by the eternal element, namely: gold, silver, and copper jackpots. To find out the value of each symbol along with the number, you can press game info. There will be a lot of value that can be found in the info and with the number of symbols that can be found in the game.

value of each symbol with 3 wheels

Like the 4 eternal elements that are ready to give you many exciting victories with each of its strengths. Fire [ 3x, 4x, and 5x : 200, 2000, and 10,000] , [ 3x, 4x, and 5x earth : 160, 1000, and 4000] water [ 3x, 4x, and 5x : 120/800/2000 ] , and air : 100, 600, and 1500 : 3, 4, and 5. There is also the added power of each eternal element logo [earth, water, air, and fire].

Every logo that will help gamers win easily in the eternal element game. Not to forget also the famous poker casino symbols which are always present to complete the symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. For the scatter comes the fire, earth, water, and air logo symbols. If 3 scatters are successfully combined, they will show the power of the eternal element. And the scatter can be a wild symbol that can replace all other symbols. There will be 3 different wheels that are ready to be played by gamers. To start playing, you can press start or touch the wheel, the game will start.

The 3 wheels will give you a jackpot game bonus in the form of gold, silver and copper. With 3 jackpots, gamers will receive the value of the game’s winnings. If gamers are still curious about the slow game rotation, you can press the auto play button. By pressing the button the game screen will rotate by itself so gamers will only wait for the results and scores to be obtained.